At 1SourceHomeImprovement we specialize in helping you express yourself in order to build up the home of your dreams. However, just because we are creating something stunning does not mean you need to be stunned by the price tag.
So here’s the “DEAL” if you choose to use us for your home improvement project and the project is of qualifying size, we will discount your total by 10%. See Terms and conditions below.

***Qualifying home improvement project must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the discount. First it cannot be an insurance job. When we do insurance restoration we work on a “per scope of insurance basis” meaning we negotiate with your insurance company to do the required work and take the amount agreed on–nothing more and nothing less. We cannot in insurance supplementation situations give any discount to you as a home owner because it creates a situation where one or both parties involved would be fringing on insurance fraud, which we will not participate in.
Second to be considered a project of qualifying size you must be replacing a minimum of 5 windows or 3 walls or more of siding. Our prices are set up to be some of the best in the industry; we accomplish that by keeping cost down and our margins small. As a result we cannot offer discounts on jobs that are too small and have very little profit in them as it is.